Tom Brady 2001 New England Patriots Game Worn Jersey Mystery Sealed Swatch Box



Get a piece from Brady’s first season in action! This game jersey swatch comes from an authenticated (MEARS) 2001 Tom Brady Patriots Road jersey! Game worn jersey swatches have NEVER been offered to the public in this format. Check out what you might find!


Each Sealed Box will contain (1) Encased Game Worn Swatch, look for these!

Patch Swatch

Nameplate Letter (only 5!)

Team Logo Patches (Only 8!)

Signature Swatches (Only 2!)

Tag Swatch (Only 2!)

NFL Shield Swatch (Only 1!)

Adidas Logo Swatch (Only 2!)

Button Swatch

Jersey Swatch


What you can do with these swatches:

You can frame it with your favorite photo, create your own custom jersey/patch card, or just collect it! A great and affordable alternative to buying a tiny swatch in a trading card or forking out the big bucks for the complete jersey!

We’ve carefully encased the swatch in an acrylic holder and sealed it with our “authentic” seal. The swatch also comes in the custom black box for storage or display and a detail card for the jersey.

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